In this section we will learn some physical exercises so that we can enjoy good health, consistent physical exercise can also be useful in building a strong will power. 

Do not worry by reading the word exercise; the exercise I am going to mention is not tough. I am not here to make you a body builder, my aim is to make you more relaxed, after that you can become a body builder if you want with proper training by some trainer. As far as this blog is concerned I am mentioning few basic practices of Yogic exercises and Asana-s (postures) which are helpful to develop your resolve and sit without moving for a long time. If you cannot master these Asana-s then also do not worry, through the practice of these Asana-s you will at least be able to sit with an elongated spine. If you already follow a schedule of physical exercises then do not disturb it, just add the Asana-s to that schedule.

Precautions - Do not eat anything at least half hour before doing any exercise. Do not use tight clothes, and do not overdo any exercise. If you cannot accomplish any exercise because of some physical problem then contact me, I will tell you another option depending upon your situation.