Before we enter into meditation techniques we will first try to understand what is meditation? Real meaning of meditation is “not doing anything”. If you remember the reasons of stress in our life, which I have mentioned before, you will remember that while trying to prove our importance and spending time usefully we always try to be busy in doing something. Meditation is the exact opposite of this kind of doing, meditation is not doing anything. But to achieve this state of non-doer, in the beginning we have to do some practices which help us to stop doing other mundane things and after we become expert then we can stop those practices also.

In this section we will discuss about some meditation techniques which are useful to calm the mind. Below I am mentioning few important and easy meditation techniques. These meditations require you to sit down and then meditate. Therefore, when you complete the breathing session you should practice these meditations. Though it is not mandatory to do breathing exercises before meditation but it can help some people, so you decide if you want to do breathing exercise or not depending on your progress in meditation. After you become expert in these meditations, you will find your concentration power is increased. This is the secondary benefit of meditation that it helps to increase the concentration power and helps to increase the creativity. Of course, primary benefit of meditation is it helps us to become aware of our true peaceful nature.

You can use the Lotus Posture described before for this practice of meditation. If you are not comfortable with that posture then you can sit in Siddha Asana. Siddha Asana means sitting on the ground on a cushion with legs crossed. Your two knees and butt will touch the ground (cushion). Your right foot will rest above your left thigh and left foot would be pushed below your genitals.

Now let's start the discussion of meditations. You can practice any one of the meditations mentioned below or all meditations one by one for the period of 30 minutes. 

Advanced Meditation Practices for experts

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