This section talks about the philosophy, mainly the Advaita philosophy. To have a clear understanding of the subject we will start looking at the philosophy step by step in question answer format.

Meaning of Spirituality

Views about Consciousness

In our day-to-day life we come across situations when we find life is not behaving right with us. Somebody is born in a place where everything is easily available and I may not have even necessary arrangements to live life. Somebody can complete his studies very easily and can choose the right career for him and I may not be able to even decide what to study and where to take admissions, and if I somehow decide then I may not get admission to right course because of many reasons including reservations, lack of money, lack of marks etc. The same thing continues and someone finds a good life partner (at least it looks from outside) and I may not find any life partner. Someone becomes successful in business and lives a life full of abundance and I may never become successful in any kind of business no matter how sincerely I conduct the business. Most disturbing thing happens when I see someone who is not behaving according to law or morality and becoming more and more successful without any difficulty. Also in the last stage of life, in old age someone lives happily with his family and I may have to spend life in old age home remembering the company of my dear ones that I had in past. In the end at the time of death someone dies without any pain in complete unconsciousness and I may have to go through the painful process of death. Looking at such situations one becomes depressed and thinks life as a cruel joke played by some cruel unknown power.

Good thing is, life is not any joke (can be a joke to a person with full understanding and he can laugh with life), and the power that takes care of life is not at all cruel. Different religions of all over the world have tried to investigate about the cause of the conditions of life. They have come up with different theories about God and his creation, some have become atheists, and some are still trying to understand through scientific methods. Below I am going to mention different views that incorporate almost all views of world about God or Consciousness that operates this world.