Managing the Toddler

Toddler means the child who has just learned to walk. This period of the life of child is very difficult to handle for parents because in this age children start to feel their individuality but they are devoid of the knowledge of dangers and other reasons in life. So the parents have to handle children with their sense of independence which is without any understanding of right and wrong. Below are the few tips for parents so that they can go through this period of their child relatively easy.

1. Toddlers can understand much more than we think so when dealing with them don’t confuse them by giving them mix signals about food, sleep etc. Keep necessary things at hand because even if situation becomes stressful then you can give the child something to eat or play.

2. Though children in this stage can understand what is happening around them but they lack reasoning. So it is important to make them feel that they are in control of their life to some extent but it is not good idea to leave them alone on their own, parents always be in charge of the situation around them.

3. Third important factor in this stage is consistency in routine. There has to be order in the life of a child so that it can predict the things like mealtime, bedtime etc. Because of such consistent routine child feels safe and secure and can stay relax. Even if you are going to change something then warn child before the actual change takes place.

4. Cheer up them for their right behavior because if we do not notice their good and right behavior then it is very much possible that children can get engaged in wrong activities just to have attention of their parents.

5. Do not punish them for any wrong activity rather try to engage them in another useful activity because children in this age have a very small span of attention so they can be easily redirected in another activity than the current they are doing.

6. Leave children alone of this age for a very small time or let them stay with the people who really care for them so that in the mean time you can also relax a bit, stay calm and get ready for any coming stressful situation with your child.

7. Do not hesitate to force child in few important daily activities like brushing the teeth, taking bath, following eating and bedtimes etc.

8. The most important thing if you find your child crying is to stay calm, do not show any emotions, rather show as if nothing is happening and everything is good, reacting to the cry of child in any emotional way can make the situation worse.

9. Try to spend time with child one on one than in entire family because children in this age feel more secure and relax with single parent than the entire family.

10. Provide help to the child only if it is really necessary. Try to cheer up child to do things on its own rather than interfering in all its activities.

11. Do not try to explain the child why you are refusing it for a certain activity because usually explaining is going to be useless because children in this age don’t have logical thinking pattern, they just behave intrinsically. If you want to refrain child from doing something then use the idea mentioned in the point 5 and engage them in another activity.

In the end do not curse yourself if something goes wrong, after all parents always want to give best to their child but sometimes it is not possible, if you commit some mistake then leave it behind and take care of child the best way possible to you. 

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How to communicate with children

1. First and most important factor in communicating with children is that we should be available when they need us. We should not try to avoid kids. It is also possible that child itself may not know that it needs the company of parents so the child may not ask but we have to keep in contact with them and start the conversation with kids, while starting conversation one thing has to be remembered that we should not start conversation with any question, the child should not feel that we are trying to be its boss, rather it should feel that the person with whom it is talking is exactly like it and feel free to share its mind with us. 

2. Second important factor is the child should know that we are interested in its life, we are listening to what it is saying, so we have to really listen to what child is saying, we should not stop it during the sentence and listen completely.

3. After listening to the child’s opinion even if we see that it is wrong still we should not mention it directly or shout at child, rather we should express our disagreement in polite way and let the child decide what he or she wants to do and follow its own thinking and learn from mistakes, we should not interfere as long as consequences are not dangerous. 


This is the most important topic for parents, how to be good parents is the underlining thought for both mother and father. So to make that job easy in this section we will discuss few topics that how can we become good parents and make the children good human beings of future.

Parents want so many things to happen in their children’s lives. They want to grow up children with love and providing them all that which is best available. At the same time they want to make children responsible citizens going forward. They want their children to be sensitive to their needs and competitive with the current times. They want to give moral values to children plus make them familiar with the traditions and religion which parents follow. All these are very difficult things and to be a good parent is really a hard work. All these things can be accomplished only if we can communicate with the children in the right manner, so we will look at some tips which can help us to communicate with children as such that children can respond properly.