Handling Emotions

On the other hand, we feel pure emotions only on rare occasions. Usually we feel mixed emotions. For example, if we get a new job we may feel both excited and nervous simultaneously. Plus there is difference in the intensity of feeling emotions on individual level depending upon the experiences upon life. For example a person who becomes rich suddenly and again become poor for some reason may feel distressed more than before. A person who is rich from childhood may not feel something special on losing a big amount of money which can cause serious depression in ordinary person.

There is another important factor and that factor is ‘mood’. Moods are mild emotions but they can last longer than emotions. Emotions emerge and dissolve in relatively short time but moods can last much longer. For example, we can call depression as mood because it can last much longer even for years, but distress on the other hand is an emotion which comes and goes quickly.

As we saw before that the basic cause of all emotions is love. When we start loving the world and not God then this love becomes Desire, and desire has only two outcomes, one is greed/wanting and another is anger, in both cases we have to suffer. If desire is fulfilled then we become greedier. If desire is not fulfilled then we become angry and depressed in the long run.

So, if we want to live a life of peace and happiness then we have to channelize our love in right direction, towards the God. If we love only world then we will frequently get trapped in the unwanted emotions. 

Effects of Emotions

Different emotions have different effects on our lives. Stronger emotions can cause strong physiological effects such as lurching stomach, sweating palms, speeding of heartbeats, fast breathing etc. Basically these physical effects are controlled by our automatic nervous system and whenever we feel some strong emotion this system responds to it so that we can save our body. In other words our body becomes ready to face such situation automatically. There are people who argue that changes in body cause emotions, but in reality our emotions cause changes in body, our emotions are deeper than the chemistry of the body.

Other than physiological effects, emotions also affect our behavior. Our body language changes, our facial expressions change. Whenever, we feel different than normal, our behavior changes.

Causes of Six Basic Emotions

Fear – This emotion is caused when we see we are losing something which we love or something is causing trouble to the object of love.

Disgust – It is caused when we see someone whom we love and trust is not behaving according to our expectations.

Anger – Anger is caused by same reasons of fear but it is directed towards weaker person than us and fear is of a stronger person than us.

Surprise – This emotion is caused when we are shocked positively or negatively by someone whom we love or because of someone or something which we love.

Happiness – Happiness is caused when we are surprised positively.

Sadness – Sadness is caused when we are surprised negatively. 


Understanding emotions is very important to all of us. We as Consciousness has a basic emotion, that emotion is Love. We do everything out of love, then it might be anything from upbringing children to earning money to fighting wars. Everything on this planet happens out of love. Not only humans but also all other living creatures have this emotion of love in them. But problem happens when our love clashes with someone else’s love. All disputes of the world are basically the clashes of love. Someone loves money, which we call greed. Someone loves his wife, child, mother or father, which we call attachment. Someone loves himself so much that it causes fear. When love forgets its limits then it causes trouble to others. So to love fairly and to be loved fairly we have to understand the emotion of love and other emotions which are caused by it so that we can live life peacefully.

Psychologists have categorized emotions in basic Six emotions. They are – Fear, Disgust, Anger, Surprise, Happiness and Sadness.

We will look at these emotions one by one and try to understand their causes and effects on our lives. 

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