Frequently Asked Questions

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- Meditation is the original state of Consciousness, which is free from the corruption of mind.

Meditative Healing is a soothing provided by an experienced meditator to anybody who needs it and who is receptive. Such soothing helps to trigger healing process in body and mind. When one goes deeper in meditation, that person’s consciousness becomes free from the worries, anxiety, depression, fear etc. Such a pure Consciousness emanates soothing energy in surrounding space. That energy helps to start self-healing process in the people who need it. The meditator works as catalyst agent, who without losing any energy helps to heal others. This healing can help to overcome all mental problems such as depression, anxiety etc., and all physical problems such as pain, wounds, diseases etc.

- When someone asks for the healing, the Meditator makes inquiry about the problem and gives instructions to that person to make him/her more receptive to the healing energy, because if the person seeking help is not receptive then the healing does not work.

- Because it can help us to heal our problems both physical and mental, with more speed.

- Meditation is the base of all healing methods. Reiki Masters also use Meditation for help in their healing. However, Meditative Healing does not use any symbol of Reiki, it uses deeper meditation instead.

- No, rather we should use it as complementary therapy to medication so that we can have better results in relatively short time.

- Yes, it is safe, because healing not only works on symptoms but also on the root cause of the disease. We have nothing to lose; we only gain positive energy in Meditative healing. However, if you feel any uneasiness during treatment, then inform me immediately and I will tell you how to get disconnected from me.

;- There is no way to know, no one can issue certificate in meditation, you will have to judge and experience yourself if the person is right or wrong. If you feel calm with the person then the person is right. One more thing, the right person will not take any wrong benefit from you, he or she will not ask you for unreasonable returns for the healing.

- No, it is not must to be personally present near meditator but I will suggest completing at least one course of ten days with me. <

- Yes, we can provide rest to the deceased people also.

– Yes, if you cannot be present close to me then I can also provide distant healing, for distant healing you will have to follow my instructions at your place. However, I will suggest completing at least one course of ten days with me where you will be provided good and affordable Ayurveda treatment along with Meditative Healing.

- We all are interconnected in the Universe, so wedo not need to do much effort to be connected even if we are separated by space and time. I will give you necessary instructions to receive healing energy from me when we discuss this matter with each other.

– The healing energy of meditation is provided by the Universe, it is not my personal energy so I do not charge anything, but you may have to pay the hoteling expenses in the city where I live if you want to be present personally during the course. If you do not want to pay any money for hoteling then I can manage your stay with me in my house. There you can stay as a paying guest with minimum expenses for food. I can manage stay for only two people at a time. If you want Ayurveda treatment with Meditative Healing then you will have to pay those expenses separately.

– No, it is not compulsory but it can be complementary and make treatment comprehensive.

– You will have to come to Pune city of the state of Maharashtra in India. There we will arrange a vehicle for you to come to Phaltan. After you reach Phaltan, we will arrange a good hotel for you where you can stay for ten days. After the course is complete we will again arrange a vehicle to Pune.